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How can I verify if a company is a World's Top Rated member?
Click [Search] from the above menu bar and enter the company's name to see if they are our member.

*Please notify us should you see a business displaying the World's Top Rated Seal but not on our website. We will send you a free gift for helping us maintaining the entegrity of our web site.

How much does it cost to be a member?
Membership is currently free. Members must be qualify and uphold member responsibilities in order to maintain their free membership.

Do you accept anyone who applies as members?
We only accept application who meets our membership requirements and renew their membership each year providing their membership is in good standing.

What are the benefits for being a member?
Benefits for being a member inclues:

• Free Business listing of your company on World's Top Rated website
• World's Top Rated Seal to be displayed on your website
• Additional promotion opportunities in World's Top Rated;
  - Website
  - Daily tweets
  - Monthly email newsletters
• Discounts on World's Top Rated goods and services
About Us

World's Top Rated is an organization that advocate excellence in service, quality and customer satisfaction. We feel that every business deserves the opportunity to promote their search for excellence and our World's Top Rated Seal exhibits our member's commitment to strive for excellence.

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To apply and maintain membership with World's Top Rated, our members must:

-have web presence for the general public to obtain information about their products and/or services,

-have easy access to contact information for communication,

-uphold a customer satisfaction or money back guarantee policy,

-and providing continuous testimonials on the World's Top Rated web site.